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And when history did not cooperate, history was changed.

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this month hasn’t been going very well so I kinda need money and that’s why I’m opening commissions again.

so if you’re interested 

  • type #1: 28$ for full color and one character
    + 1 character + 8$
    (15$ for only line-art on #1 and 22$ for flat color)
    no extra for simle background
  • type #2 10$
    color palette meme (choose here and here)
    bust or half body only
    + 5$ for every extra character
  • type #3 chibi 10$ full color
    + 5$ for each extra character
    + 3$ for simple background
  • type #4:
    22$ full color
    lineart only 15$
    + 8$ for every extra character

I will draw pretty much everything except NSFW stuff, furry, realistic stuff and animals. I also get to refuse a commission if I feel like I can’t do it well enough.
If there is anything you’d like that isn’t included in the info you can e-mail me and I can see what I can do.

the prices are in US Dollars and payment is via Paypal only
 payment will be expected upfront and if I somehow  can not complete your commission after you have paid for it you will get a full refund.

email me at: zombietonbo@gmail.com and make sure to include:

  • commission type
  • refs (if you think it’s needed)
  • any specific facial expression/pose….etc (what you want it to look like)
  • any extra info if needed

after everything is decided I’ll email you my paypal information for payment and once I get that I’ll start on your commission sketch and send it to you in case you’d like to change anything and if/when approved I’ll start on it and send you regular updates UuU

when done you’ll recive a digital file/files you can use however you want (except for selling)



If you know my name then you should know I don’t play by anyone’s rules.

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steve “cool dad” rogers


steve “cool dad” rogers


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